Neurophysiology and Behavior Lab

University of Mississippi

Latest publications

Ikuta, T., Del Arco, A., Karlsgodt, K.H. (2018) White matter integrity in the fronto-striatal accumbofrontal tract predicts impulsivity. Brain Imaging and Behavior

Del Arco, A., Park, J., Wood, J., Kim, Y., Moghaddam, B. (2017) Adaptive encoding of outcome prediction by prefrontal cortex ensembles supports behavioral flexibility. J Neurosci. 37: 8363-8373.

Loprinzi, P. D., Ikuta, T., Del Arco, A. (2017) Dose-response associations between physical activity and cognitive function in a national sample of older adults. American Journal of Health Promotion.

Ronzoni, G., Del Arco, A., Mora, F., Segovia, G. (2016) Enhanced noradrenergic activity in the amygdala contributes to hyperarousal in an animal model of PTSD. Psychoneuroendocrinology 70: 1-9.

Junchol, P., Wood, J., Bondi, C., Del Arco, A., Moghaddam, B. (2016) Anxiety evokes hypofrontality and disrupts rule-relevant encoding by dorsomedial prefrontal cortex neurons. J Neurosci. 36: 3322-3335.

Ronzoni, G., Antón, M., Mora, F., Segovia, G., Del Arco, A. (2016) Infralimbic cortex controls the activity of the hypothalamus-pituitary adrenal axis and the formation of aversive memory: effects of environmental enrichment. Behav. Brain Res.297: 338-344

Del Arco, A., Ronzoni, G., Mora, F. (2015) Hypofunction of prefrontal cortex NMDA receptors does not change stress-induced release of dopamine and noradrenaline in amygdala but disrupts aversive memory. Psychopharmacology 232: 2577-2586.

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